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Opening Smart Health Tech Center

Today is the official opening of the Smart Health Tech Center (SHTC) of Erasmus MC. With the establishment of the Smart Health Tech Center, the Erasmus MC has taken a crucial step towards becoming the top technical university medical center in the Netherlands. 

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The idea of a Smart Health Tech Center is need driven. On the one hand, many companies are reaching out to us to develop and co-create innovative medical and health technologies. On the other hand, there are staff members who are looking for health tech companies as an innovative partner. See the introduction movie.

The Smart Health Tech Center will connect innovative companies and the innovative staff of Erasmus MC and vice versa.

The focus of the Smart Health Tech Center will be on the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 4-8 . The SHTC provides a central point for companies to connect with the right people and facilities at the Erasmus MC for co-creation, testing, validation, experimentation and demonstration of smart technologies. This can be clinical expertise, expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics, data, or a living lab facility.

The mission of Smart Health Tech Center is to boost novel technologies for health, especially those based in robotics or advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques-or those introducing new types of sensors or monitoring technologies. The Smart Health Tech Center wants to support and stimulate growth of these technologies by testing, validation, demonstration and experimentation.

To make sure the technologies we support are of clinical relevance, we check all requests within our expert communities. The SHTC created 7 communities with clinical experts:

  • Future Surgery Community
  • Future Radiology Community
  • Future Oncology Community
  • Future Emergency Care Community
  • Future Cardiology Community
  • Future Mental Health Community
  • Future Remote Care Community

By doing this, we make sure that all technologies fulfill a real clinical or patient need, and that they will fit workflows and existing systems when deployed.

The Smart Health Tech Center will professionally assist with the organization of contracts, pricing arrangements and provide guidance throughout the development process. The SHTC liaisons are happy to connect with the right company and clinical/scientific experts and facilities at Erasmus MC. For this we will put a fast-track in place.

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