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Implementation study lung cancer screening has started

Now that it has been shown that lung cancer screening can save lives, it is time for the next question. How should such a screening program be implemented?

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In this video Prof Harry de Koning of the Department of Public Health announces the initiation of the first large-scale European multi-centered implementation of volume CT lung cancer screening in the Netherlands and 4 other European countries.

The trial’s main goal is to assess the relative safety of a personalized risk-based screening interval based on the result of the first baseline test result(s), but will during implementation investigate the effectiveness of tailored recruitment strategies, methods to integrate co-morbidity reducing strategies, and innovative methods like AI and biomarkers. It plans to initially enroll 26,000 high risk individuals.

Academic Centers of Excellence

This video is part of a series of online lectures about the Erasmus MC Academic Centers of Excellence. Prof Harry de Koning is affiliated with the Academic Center for Screening and Prevention.

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