ACE lecture

One in every two diagnosed cancers is skin cancer

Did you know that one in every two diagnosed cancers, is skin cancer? At the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, a team is working on the best care for skin cancer patients.

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In this lecture dr Marlies Wakkee, dermatologist and associate professor at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, describes how care, research and teaching are set out from a broad perspective. This ranges from feeling responsible for organising optimal care for all skin cancer patients in the Netherlands to investigating advanced skin cancer by innovative, translational research lines and collaborating with external partners like the Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management and TU Delft within the Convergence and various public private partnerships.

Academic Centers of Excellence

This video is part of a series of online lectures about the Erasmus MC Academic Centers of Excellence. Dr. Wakkee is affiliated with the Academic Center for Skin Cancer.

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